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Virtual Workshop for Writers
Come Write with Us!
6th-Sep-2012 11:56 am
Name: I'm known on LJ as Elsie

Age: 21

Writing Experience: I’ve been writing since I was very little. Writing little stories was my favourite thing to do when I was a kid and as I grew up I started writing longer stories and poetry. I used to write about how I was feeling because I seemed to be able to get it out better in a poem. I haven't written anything for quite a few years. I just stopped because I didn't feel like it anymore.  

Preferred Genres: Short stories and poetry. Mainly poetry.

Eduacation: I had a normal high school education. I then went to college to study childcare. A lot of people say I'm very literate and are surprised that I haven't studied literature or English language past high school GCSE's.

Country: England, United Kingdom 

What do you hope to get from this community?:I'm hoping that being in this community will encourage me to start writing again. I'd like to make new friends with similar interests. And I'd like constructive comments on my work.

Looking forward to getting to know people and reading their work :)

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