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Crossed Genres Now Seeking SFF + STEAMPUNK submissions! 
21st-Jan-2010 11:00 pm
CG, Crossed Genres
What do you know about pressure?!

Get your aviator goggles on and shine the brass on your backyard sprocket rocket, because Crossed Genres Magazine wants STEAMPUNK Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories.

Take care to read our submission guidelines, first.

Crossed Genres is also accepting submissions of completed novel-length fiction and novellas to be serialized on our website exclusively for subscribers, as well as "pitches" for a webcomic to run for a year in our ‘Subscribers-Only Area’. Upon completion, Crossed Genres will publish each novel/la and comic in its entirety.

Meanwhile, in our SciFi and Fantasy FOLKLORE issue...

- Witness the space-age old story of cyborg versus robot.
- If human sacrifice was necessary to save the world, would you put yourself first in line?
- Sometimes the only thing standing between destruction and salvation is a little polite conversation.
- Fairy Tales don’t always end the way we’ve been told, and that’s a good thing.
- Once upon a time, before people were human, our ancestors wrote the first legends in our genes.
- What does it take to get someone in love to see what’s before their eyes?!
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