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Virtual Workshop for Writers
Come Write with Us!
8th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm
Name: Therissa


Writing Experience: I started writing when I was seven and I had two great teachers in high school who were very encouraging. I was also in a club called Writer’s Workshop in highschool. I took creative writing in college and unfortunately I did not have the best of professors and it was a little discouraging.

Preferred Genres: Fantasy and sci-fi.

Education: Majored in Anthropology and History
Country: United States

What do you hope to get from this community? I have been struggling with my writing lately and I was hoping to get feedback on where I can improve. When I was in Writer’s Workshop my friends and I were able to feed off of each other and critique each other. I believe we all improved our writing because of it and I hope for the same here.

Where did you hear of us? I was looking for a writing community and came across this one and it sounded like what I was looking for
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