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Crossed Genres - Calls for submissions & announcement

Just a couple calls for submissions and an announcement to share.

#1 – Crossed Genres magazine is currently accepting submissions for the sci-fi and fantasy TRAGEDY issue.

#2 – The 'Science in My Fiction' blog is also seeking short story submissions. All stories must be inspired by actual science (with submissions, please include links to relevant articles).

#3 – Crossed Genres just released 'A Festival of Skeletons' by Rachel Astruc. It's a darkly fantastic comedy that still makes me chuckle, even though I've read it several times now. Sure, I'm the editor, but if you like sass and suspense, I think you'll enjoy reading 'A Festival of Skeletons'.
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please vote for my entry for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, “Black Box from Hell”

deadline is September 24.

if it gets into the Top 12, it'll get published in Ubud Writers & Readers Festival's zine during the fest! so please, please pretty please with sugar and an extra cherry on top vote for it by clicking the "thumbs up" button? pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeeeee? :)

thank you so much! ;)

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Name: Renka
Age: 17
Writing Experience: Personal journal writer my whole life; nothing published so far.
Preferred Genres: Free-verse poetry, non-fiction, essays, short stories
Education: Currently a sophomore in college, and planning to minor in English/Literature.
Country: Philippines
What do you hope to get from this community? Constructive criticism and writing prompts/ideas.
Where did you hear of us? Just stumbled across the site while browsing LJ's many communities.

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Name (A first name, or pen name will do): Mausi
Age: 19
Writing Experience: published poetry three times (in anthologies), had been writing for ten years
Preferred Genres: (Poetry? Fantasy short stories? Non-Fiction?) Poetry, short stories, essays (I have a short attention span :P
Education: High school
Country: United States
What do you hope to get from this community? Constructive criticism, ideas for stories, a push out of this writing rut...
Where did you hear of us? I don't recall... at some point years ago.