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Virtual Workshop for Writers

Come Write with Us!

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About Us

Write Away is an active workshop where writers of all skill levels and genres are welcome. We offer a supportive but discerning environment for writing feedback and daily features presenting prompts, discussions, and resources.

Please make sure to read the rules before participating!

Rules and Guidelines

In General
  • If you have a question about how the community or LiveJournal works, please ask a moderator instead of posting to the community as a whole.

  • You can post about anything writing related, including works needing feedback, writing related questions, success stories, and writing related links. Members are welcome to advertise other writing communities and critique groups, but please don't make advertising your only participation here. Only moderators or those approved by the mods should post writing features.

  • Remember to LJ-cut posts longer than your screen. (<lj-cut text="Read more">Text under cut</lj-cut>)

  • If you don't tag your posts, a moderator will, but if you want to do it yourself, make sure to read about the system.

  • Be nice to your fellow writers. Remember, we should be helping each other to grow and improve, not tearing each other new ones.

  • Remember that not everyone is working at the same skill or experience level. Try not to compare your work with that of others — instead, look back at your previous entries and enjoy the progress you are making.

  • As this is a writing community, don't use chatspeak when you want to be taken seriously (u r, thanx, l8r, 4 instead of for, 2 instead of to or too, im instead of I'm, and so on). Make an effort to use the best grammar possible, and spell check your posts if you can. Apostrophes are your friend.

  • Since we're a workshop, all posts should be open for discussion. So don't disable comments on your posts, unless you don't want a piece to receive additional feedback. In the same spirit, don't delete the comments of others or your own comments, unless you're trying to correct an error you made.

  • You are welcome to participate in as many of the feature activities as you like, but participation is not required. If you're shy, you can practice in the privacy of your own home or journal. But honestly, we don't bite. If you're open to feedback on your prompt efforts, post to the main community. If you don't want everyone's scrutiny or to lessen your post to critique ratio, you can post as a comment to the prompt post instead — your moderators love to see what their prompts have wrought.

On Critiques
  • The best way to get critique is to give it. Our community can't survive without some measure of give and take! Remember to critique before you post; a 2:1 ratio of critiques to posts is the minimum rule of thumb. If you're found posting more than you critique, don't be surprised if you're nagged to do so! Remember, we keep track.

  • Please make any critique you give constructive. Please accept any criticism you receive graciously. Don't make personal attacks, and don't take things personally.

  • When giving feedback, we prefer you go beyond "This sucks!" or "Nice!" — let the writer know why you feel that way! It's simple, but effective and very helpful. If you want to delve more into critiquing technique, we have a list of critique guides here.

On Posting for Feedback
  • If you're going to make a post to get feedback, make sure you've already given feedback to others. If you're found posting more than you've critiqued, your post is liable to receive a nagging. See the previous section for more info; we repeat it because it's important, and often overlooked.

  • All work you post here should be your own original creation. No plagiarism, fan fiction, or works violating copyright.

  • It's a good idea to proofread your writing before you post. Typos and mistakes do happen, however—don't fret over them.

  • Because we will have writers of all ages and sensibilities, works rated "R" or higher due to graphic violence or sexual content should be LJ-Cut with a warning specifying the reason.

  • Please make only one post for feedback a day, and have only one piece of writing per post. (Unless you're trying to get a small themed poem or flash fiction set critiqued as a whole, that is.) This is for your benefit and the benefit of the community; you'll receive more commentary if you don't overwhelm your readers with too much all at once! Remember, it can take up to a week (or more) for a post to receive all its comments.

  • If you have copyright or privacy concerns, feel free to friend your posts. Then only community members will be able to see it.

  • If you feel you need to remove a piece from receiving feedback after it's received comments, we prefer you don't delete it outright. Instead, edit your piece out of the post, screen any critiques you don't want exposed, and disable further comments on the post. Alternatively, save the page source before you delete and send it to coyotecult@gmail.com. This helps coyotecult make sure everyone gets their critiques counted.

Welcome Newcomers!

We love to hear about our new members and have an introduction survey all ready for you! You can use the Intro Post Maker or just copy paste the following:

Name (A first name, or pen name will do):
Writing Experience:
Preferred Genres: (Poetry? Fantasy short stories? Non-Fiction?)
What do you hope to get from this community?
Where did you hear of us?

Your username tag will be created on your first post to the community, whether it's an introduction or not.

The Tag System

write_away has a system of tags designed to make finding posts of a certain type or from a certain user easier. You can find the full list of tags and statistics on how much they've been used here. Only moderators can create new tags or remove tags from posts. Note that if your post gets erroneously tagged, you'll need to contact a moderator to get it removed! If you feel we're missing a tag category, let us know and we'll create it for you.

We tag by the following system:

The Critlists

In order to recognize the importance of critique in our community, we keep track of the feedback our members give to others and try to post the tallies weekly on Saturday. The critique week is considered to span from Saturday to Friday. Critiques made during the week on posts within the past two calendar months are included in that week's tally. The list is ordered first by the number of critiques made and then alphabetically — but remember that quality trumps quantity!

If any of your critiques get missed or you find other errors in the critlists, please comment on the Saturday post and coyotecult know!

Feature List

Monday Word of the Week

Reiteratively each week, a vocable most intriguing with its connotations, nuances, significance and sense will be presented, along with a prompt to get those creative juices flowing. clare_dragonfly is presently in charge of this exercises.

Tuesday Prompt

Two words. That's all you get to build a piece of writing around. Sound easy? Wait until you see the words auraesque throws at you! Challenging, fun, and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Wednesday Muse Moment

These questions all pertain to your writing: something meant to get you thinking about how you write, why you write, and so on. copperbird is presently in charge of this exercise.

Thursday Published Writing Post

This feature is open to all members: sign up here and view the schedule here. Members are free to share authors and works they love, find interesting, or despise, and discuss the topic at will. Generally, an excerpt or poem is presented along with some information about the author or the piece. The point is to allow everyone to get a chance to share their tastes and expose us all to the world of writing at large, or discuss literary issues they find important.

Friday Prose Prompt

This weekly prose prompt asks for a mere hour of straight writing. The results from this prompt are phenomenal. smeddley is presently in charge of this exercise.

Saturday Featured References and Resources

Every Most Saturdays, somerled will post about a new writing reference or resource that offers some benefit to writers. Saturday is also the big community news and crit list day — courtesy of coyotecult.

Sunday Picture Prompt

Here is your chance to prove that a picture really does paint a thousand words. Or less. Or more. It's up to you. Each week a picture or photograph is posted and your challenge is to write something inspired by that image. The mighty akirad is the benevolent dictator of this prompt.

Useful Resources

Profile Banner

If you like profile banners for the communities you're in, we've made one for you:

BannerCopy and Paste

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